Instead only looking at women as too demanding and deciding
    Maybe God put them on earth to play the role of Simon
    Cause Simon said
    And I swore I would blow up if I had another bowl of ramen
    As I marched mad to McDonalds, I walked over a field of diamonds
    So mad I missed out on all the blessings that’ grow
    This headache is like an avalanche of echoes
    You can try hanging on but eventually you’ll let go
    I bet you didn’t know…that deserts get could at night
    I think these girls know that love is my kryptonite
    And drugs are my parasite
    My eyes are out of sight
    Plus my mind is out if light…
    As I use them, they feed on me
    Taking brain cells I will never see…AGAIN
    While I wait for people I will never hear from
    I guess that’s why my mom told me I never listen
    They can see me stare but never see my vision
    Sometimes I lose it too and make some bad decisions…
    Limitations make me feel like I’m trapped in a box
    My days are on repeat and it’s always black or white
    And I like my nights so dark and faded you can’t see me
    I guess that makes my life a colorless TV
    So colorless that the regular is a freebee
    Interesting is never sold and waking is never easy
    Sleep is a release but the mornings are reabsorption
    A man told me dreams are lifes problem’s abortion
    So everyday I close my eye to have a dream
    Praying I wake up and problems aren’t what they seem
    Maybe get some color back, hopefully the grass is green
    Cause the grey gets kinda old if that’s the only thing you’ve seen…
    And ask Santa where’s my Christmas gift?
    I only wrote one thing on whole entire list
    I guess my mind was too much to ask for
    I been living this day everyday since I was four
    Useless words not worth anything in this worthless world
    Honesty I’d rather vent to this paper
    Write it down now so I won’t say it later
    Dreams turned to dust just to be blown away like vapors
    Taste of my own medicine but I choose the flavors
    So either way the feeling is pretty bittersweet
    Because with every route, you know you’ll end up off your feet
    Free falling into an ocean of doubt or uncertainty
    There’s no one to blame because you were in the driver’s seat
    Steering the wheel of life to this place you came to see
    Do you really want to live?
    Because living isn’t just going through the motions
    And if you have a dream;
    Protect it from any type of erosion
    When I write, I choose to write until my hand aches
    If you write to rid pressure, you better write until your pen breaks
    And I’m tired of reading the bible for God’s sake
    I should be reading because that’s what it takes
    What it takes to earn these wings and get into heaven
    So we can live in a universe with no murders or 9-11’s
    But we’re too busy blaming it on a demon’s seed
    That’s grew a tree, which eventually blocked what we could see
    What we don’t know is, we are the ones building these obstacles
    Some of us don’t want to play the cards we are dealt
    Rich or poor, both have seem to have felt
    Felt some type of pain or sorrows
    Or unknown thoughts about our unpromised tomorrows
    Because as humans we never seem to understand
    We are suppose to reach for heaven no matter where we stand
    Anywhere from the hood to beach houses in the sand
    Wether you struggle day by day or have a hundred grand
    Amazing how this branded heart still beats
    I lose friends like they’re car keys
    Mental funerals for the past memories
    And cast my cares and regret into the seas
    Black snow is my release of sins into the air
    As the weight lightens my eyes bleed clear
    My dark heart feels as if there was never fear
    Life releases it’s chains and I feel that I’m finally there
    “Don’t be your own demon.”-Ismael Duret

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